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John Muir Award

Pupils at Rosneath Primary School get the opportunity to complete their John Muir Award during their time with us. The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme supported by the John Muir Trust. The pupils complete their Discovery Award which is 4days/25+ hours minimum time commitment.  The Discovery Award has four challenges; Discover, Explorer, Conserve and Share. The Award takes place in a range of wild places from in the school grounds, surrounding area, local beach and woodland, and sometimes further a field.

P6 John Muir Award

Primary 6 pupils attained their John Muir Award, gaining accreditation across the Autumn term during Forest School programme. Pupils drew a picture of their outdoor paradise and shared things which would spoil that special place for them. Top of the list was LITTER.  Pupils visited the beach and carried out a mini beach clean, Supported by Surfers against Sewage and removed almost 9kg of rubbish! This was sorted into recyclables and general waste back at school. As a reward for their hard work Primary 6 learned the science of the fire triangle- oxygen, fuel and heat- the rules of outdoor fire safety, and the policy of ‘leave no trace’. They then made Smores as a tasty treat. Pupils worked in teams to build mini National Parks on the beach form natural materials and presented their creations; explaining all of the features included to the rest of the group.

More Information on The John Muir Award