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School Improvement

Improving Standards

The Standards in Scotland’s Schools, etc. Act (2000) requires schools to produce annual improvement plans outlining priorities for development as listed previously. In addition to this the Head Teacher is required to prepare a standards and quality report annually for parents accounting for her stewardship of the school. This includes details of the main achievements of the school over the past twelve months. Copies of the 2021-2022 Standards and Quality are available from the school office.

As we have progressed through our 5th year of Scottish Attainment Challenge, the impact of improvement within attainment levels across core curriculum subjects in stages P1, P4 & P7 have improved significantly. Intervention strategies to facilitate targeted learning with children in small groups or on a one to one basis have supported strengthened progress and achievement.   

School Improvement Plan and Standards and Quality Report

Local Authority Improvement Priorities


Good attendance is vital to success of our young people. Statistical evidence suggests that there links between attendance levels and pupils’ attainment. We reflect on our class attendance on a termly basis, and our schools has an average attendance of 95% for the last  consecutive 4 years.