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Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision

‘Learning with a happy heart and healthy relationships’

Nurturing pupils and providing a kind, caring and safe environment is at the heart of our school.

Our Values

Resilient Rosneath Respects Rights and Responsibilities


To be able to deal with the ups and downs of life.


That we give ourselves and others the best chance to learn.


We respect everyone and we try to be as kind and thoughtful as possible. We look after other people and our school.


In a responsible school we look after everyone and we follow our rules because they help to keep us safe and we listen to others because we care about what others say.

Our Aims

  • Our school and wider community aim to provide an inspiring environment with high quality learning for our children and young people.
  • We aim to support our children and young people to be the best they can be, both in the classroom and the community.
  • Through close working relationships between school, our pupils, their families and partners, we aim to ensure the best possible start in education and life-long learning for our children and young people.

We believe the best learning happens when:

  • Children lead their own learning
  • Opportunities are given to work independently and collaboratively
  • Children are engaged and purposeful
  • Learning is experienced and active
  • Learning takes place in the natural environment and outdoors whenever possible
  • Learning provides challenge and is differentiated
  • Learning is well planned and organised
  • We nurture the whole child

We use Unicef’s UK Children’s Rights to promote an ethos and culture where children’s rights are learned, taught, practices, respected, protected and promoted.

Pupils from Rosneath Primary created their own iMovie to showcase our school and share our vision and values with our school community

Cove Park Artist Retreat - Virtual Workshops (Community Partnership)

Pupils from P1 to P7 created a series of concrete relief tiles that reflect the Core Values and Key Drivers of the school vision and values. In particular they were inspired by the following areas, with each class bubble focussing on 1 of the 4 areas listed below:-

From the School Values:
– Resilience – strength, flexibility
– Respectful/Responsible – kindness, community, safe, caring, team work

From the School’s Vision:
– Learning for sustainability – life long learning, breadth, progression, depth of knowledge, personalisation and choice
– Outdoor learning – contact with nature, biodiversity, tackling climate change

To help the pupils understand and showcase what the vision, values and aims means to them, the school worked with Cove Park Artists in a series of virtual lessons to create tiles. Each class was given a different aspect to think about and the artist spoke about how to capture this in art form. The pupils drew designs on paper to start with and then had to think how they would make those images into the foam using different items (shells, stones, pine cones, shapes). Once they had their design they used objects to make indents into the foam. Next they added paint powder into the indents. Next plaster was poured into the molds and left to dry. Then the molds were peeled off to reveal the finished tiles. 

All 3D tiles are displayed in the school hall and around the school.