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School Staff

HEAD TEACHER – Adele Flynn

The Head Teacher manages the school quality improvement plan and monitors teachers planning, classroom practice and pupil attainment. She oversees the budget within the system of devolved management of resources. The head teacher currently teaches approximately one day per week at various stages.


The head teacher also has responsibility for:

  • Support for learning and additional support needs
  • Standards and quality reporting
  • Professional review and development for all staff
  • Liaison with Pre-5/secondary/local primaries and special schools
  • Advising the Parent Council
  • Creating a caring ethos, which values all staff, pupils and their parents and the community.
  • Teaching as required throughout the school

PRINCIPAL TEACHER – Mrs Christine Keech

The Principal Teacher role is to illustrate and disseminate good classroom practice, offering advice and support as required. Mrs Keech contributes to the curricular and staff development programme and assists in the organisation of resources. She is the point of contact in the Head Teacher’s absence.

Adele Flynn                                          Head Teacher

Mrs Gillespie                                                 P1/2

Mrs Rogers & Ms Conroy                        P3/4

Mrs H Hazlett                                                P5

Mrs C Keech                                                 P7/6 Principal Teacher


Mrs G Arnold                                                ELCC Practitioner

Mrs L Crockett                                              ELCC Practitioner

Mrs L MacDonald                                        ELCC Practitioner

Mrs J Dodson                                               Pupil Support Teacher (Thursday)

Mrs A MacInnes                                           Music Teacher (Thursday)


Mrs Ledingham                                            Clerical Assistant

Mrs G Hamilton                                            Clerical Assistant/ASN assistant

Mrs N Munro                                                 Classroom Assistant/ ASN assistant

Ms L Murdoch                                              ASN assistant

Mrs A Cockrane                                           ASN Assistant

Ms L Murdoch                                               Family Liaison Officer – Scottish Attainment Challenge 

Mr S Craig                                                     Janitor

Mrs M McNeilage                                         Catering Supervisor

Mrs L Ayris                                                   Catering Assistant


Mrs T Chamberlain                                   Catering Assistant

Mrs H Richardson                                      Cleaner